I met Arica Morgan more than a year ago in the most unexpected way... Here we are almost two years later, and I have been blessed with the honor of shooting her engagement, her wedding, and let me not forget that in the process we've developed a pretty awesome friendship. 

It's no surprise that I would also collaborate with her on a project to launch her really fantastic line of holistic beauty products. I have been blown away since day one by how knowledgable Arica is with everything that has to do with health and how to use natural ways to care for our skin, body and hair.  My vision lined up with hers and we made this photo shoot happen. 

I envisioned the products to be surrounded by the true essence of our beautiful city, and for people to get a feel that Salubria is for all of us: urban people who care for their skin and hair. 

As you can see, I am a big fan of Salubria! :) Not because Arica has become a genuinely great friend, but because the product is a diamond waiting to be discovered. My house is stocked with all the products and even my own husband swears by the beard oil.  

Their motto is: "detoxify. heal. beautify." After using the products for a few months, it definitely has my whole household's seal of approval.  I know big things are coming for Salubria.  

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